Friday, August 10, 2012

Wireless Technology and Wireless Electricity???

     What's up fellow smart guys and gals?! I'm so excited to be alive and well living in the age of technology. So many things have changed in just my lifetime from phones to computers to the internet.   I'm beginning to realize that children of today are coming into a world full of wireless technology that already exists.

      Isn't this amazing!!! Children are aware of the technology, but have no remote idea how it works. Have you ever tried to explain to a child how a cell phone works???.....Have you ever tried to explain how a cell phone works to an adult??? Do you know how a cell phone works??? More specifically how a cell phone communicates with another cell phone. I grew up in a time when electronic devices were connected by, for example the telephone, video games, and in some cases remote controls connected to beta machines. I'm sure that you can think of a few devices that were once connected to wires that enabled them to function that are now wireless.

      Here is a basic, crash course, explanation of how a cell phone works. A cell phone has some essential basic components that are necessary in order to function as a wireless device. It has a battery, a transmitting antenna, a receiving antenna, a speaker, a microphone, and a keypad or touchscreen in most cases. When you make a call, the cell phone transmits a signal to a receiving/transmitting cell phone tower The cell phone tower transmits your request and attempts to locate the number that you dialed. This all happens during the ringing portion of the call. The person you called hears their cell phone ringing, they answer it, and then the two calls are connected by two or more transmitting/receiving antennas and now you are speaking to each other in practically real time with very little noticeable delay in sound quality. You can also check out this video and other from YouTube that give other explanations of how cell phones work.

     Now,....when I tried to explain this to a child,.....naturally a good bit of the technical tidbits of information went beyond their understanding. The child's response was that the cell phone connects to the telephone wires,... so I asked her to show me where the telephone wires are and she pointed to a telephone pole. I said okay,..... but how does her voice get from here to the telephone pole.....and then came the confusion and to my surprise the ideas!!! I began to explain that at one point these devices were connected by wires and then someone figured out a way to send the same information through the air without wires.

                                                              Wireless Charging

     So,... if this can be done,....would it be possible to send electricity through the air....safely,.... using a transmitting antenna connected to a receiving antenna? As it turns out, there are a number of companies like Qualcomm, Sony, and LG, currently working on technology that will enable you to wirelessly charge your devices and more importantly your transportation!!

     Maybe in a matter of a few weeks or months these collective thoughts and ideas can become a reality and we will finally have the futuristic society that we all envision!! Now all we have to do is get enough Solar power to wirelessly power everyones homes for Free!!! Imagine the whole world having access to something that we all use and take for granted.

     How would your life change if electricity was free??? One day soon,...our children and grandchildren will be living in the world that we create today!! Let me know in the comments section below and subscribe if you like what you see! Thanks again and I look forward to hearing all of your wonderful ideas!!

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