Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Netflix Class Action Lawsuit

     Did you recently receive an email from Netflix about a class action lawsuit that could potentially affect you??? The claim basically states that Netflix keeps a record of your Personally Identifiable Information as it pertains to your credit card information and viewing habits with Netflix from streaming to DVD or Blu ray rentals in an effort to provide suggestions for other movies or TV shows based on what videos you watch and rank and so on.....but, most tech savvy people already knew this.   The Personally Identifiable Information according to the plaintiffs could potentially be sold to 3rd parties and you probably don't want that to happen without your expressed permission.

      So.... now what do I do?  Well, http://www.videoprivacyclass.com has all the information you need to make an informed decision about this class action lawsuit so give it a check...., but if you just want to click your heels and get the quick answer to the question that is probably on your mind right now,...just ask Uncle Willy what you get.

     The resolution of this settlement boils down to the agreement that Netflix will "decouple" or separate your Personally Identifiable Information from your viewing habits and history 365 days after you cancel your service with them. But!!! ....if you go back as a subscriber, the 365 day counter will start over and not go back into effect until you cancel and wait another 365 days before they "decouple" your information.

     However, if you enjoy Netflix like I do though,....you should keep doing business with them. I haven't had any problems with Netflix aside from losing those paper return envelopes...but that's a minor issue of my own.

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If you don't subscribe,...please refer back to my Uncle Willy above. Also check out 1 Gigabyte.
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