Monday, June 4, 2012

Which satellite provider has the best picture?

     I personally would recommended Satellite HD service like Directv.  I'll refer to my experience with Directv. I personally installed more than 6000 Directv systems during my time working with Directv so I have some experience with how Directv works.  Directv is 100% digital by its very nature. While service may vary in your area due to your physical location and any obstructions to the southern sky,.... a properly installed Directv system with HD service will give you an amazing picture.

     I say properly installed because the Directv HD dish needs to have a clear unobstructed view to the southern sky. If you live on the West Coast of the United States, your dish will be pointed toward the South Eastern sky and if you live on the East Coast, your dish will be pointed toward the South Western sky. If you live in the Central United States your dish will be pointed due South.

     So,... now that you have your new HDTV,...... you're probably wondering why it doesn't look the way it did at the store. You will need to sit down and get familiar with the picture settings or adjustments for your particular HDTV. Generally you want to adjust the picture during the time of day that you watch most of your tv programming. If you watch tv during the day in a brightly lit room, you may have to make some adjustments to compensate for a darker environment during the evening hours.         

       Lets talk about the source. More than likely, the HDTV's that you see on display are connected to Blu-ray players, Cable, or Satellite service. So,... if you want your HDTV to shine, make sure it's connected to at least 1 of those 3 devices. More importantly, you want to ensure that your "source" is a High Definition source. Your standard DVD player will give you a good picture when connected to your new HDTV, but it will not be displayed in HD because DVD's just do not have the ability to do so. You will need to buy a Blu-ray player to watch High Definition movies.  Basic cable won't do it either,'re going to have to upgrade your cable or satellite service to HD to take full advantage of your new tv's amazing picture. Be mindful that just because you purchased a HDTV, that doesn't mean HD will be free unless you are going "old school" and using a set of rabbit ears. Yes, you can get free HD but you will be at the mercy of your local tv broadcasters, the quality of your rabbit ears, and how well you can adjust them for the best signal.


If you have any questions or comments....please feel free to contact me or ask below. I'd be more than happy to answer. Good Luck and enjoy your new HDTV!!!

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