Friday, August 10, 2012

Amazon's Cloud player and Apples iCloud services

     Here is a quick rant about Amazon's Cloud Player and Apple's iCloud services. I love music so when I purchase my music I like knowing that I can play it anywhere I want when I want. There used to be a way to download music directly to your computer from Amazon in mp3 format without having to use a "cloud player". It was simple,...purchase your music, your download will begin in a moment,... your download is complete.

     Now when you purchase music in mp3 from Amazon, you have to agree to the new terms which state in so many words that .....If you want to use Amazon's services, such as downloading music, you agree to let us scan all of your music on your device and upload your music to our Cloud and make a copy of your music for you so that you can listen to your music anywhere you have a connection to the Cloud on up to 10 authorized devices......

     But I don't want Amazon to scan my music or allow them authorization to do so. I just want to download my purchased music and go on about my way. Like any other business, ...if the service is good or great,....I will be back for more.  Here is my problem...I want to be able to listen to my music whenever and where ever I want. My solution,....go back to buying cd's and then just copy it to my own devices. Problem solved.

     I don't yet see the benefit of using any kind of Cloud services unless you are short on storage. If you are short on storage, please see my other post on Portable Storage here. So in keeping with the spirit of having an open mind, I decided to share some videos about Amazon Cloud that might help me change my mind and maybe yours too.

     Now in this example, ...this guy purchases music while he's at work????... 1. I have never done this or desired to do this at work. 2. Your employer would probably not be overly excited about this either. 3. If I run out of room, which hasn't happened yet,...I will buy more storage like hard drives, sd cards, flash drives....or what ever I need. Needless to say, this video doesn't convince me to use the cloud. If you think this is a good idea,....I encourage you to check out this video......

     Do you use Amazon Cloud or Apple's iCloud services?..... share why you use or don't use them below in the comments. I'd love to hear how it works for you as I build up my confidence in the Clouds!!

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